We offer company culture building, networking services, management training, internal marketing, external marketing, staffing, and business development. We can help you build products, create branding through communities, attract the right people, and make meaningful connections that create happy employees and therefore repeat customers.

  • Culture Training 

 Culture is key! So what do we do when it comes to culture? Have you heard of apple? Have you heard of Google? Have you ever had an experience with maybe a cashier in person or a customer service representative over the phone where the employee was rude or seemed liked they didn't want to be at their job? Well Apple and Google figured out a long time ago what most companies are just now figuring out. That culture matters! Google has a Chief Culture Officer in a dedicated position. For companies that might not be able to have a Chief Culture Officer we provide culture training. We like to say that we ignite in employees the willingness and desire to do the work. You will have loyal, happy employees. This leads to happy customers, and increased production. You will see consumers, clients, and customers coming back again and again to do business with you. We help grow your business through culture training.

  •  Business System Analyst- Financial Audit, Business Structure/Entity Type to maximize profits, Asset Protection, Systems Streamlining, Operational Management. 

  • Staffing 

 The way people work is changing, companies like Bellhops, Uber, and Postmates are changing the way we work and the way companies hire. Peer to peer work and collaborative consumption are the future as more people value people minded companies. We are here to help you find a new kind of employee in the changing work environment. We offer those new kinds of employees while working as an agency to connect you to the staffing that will help your company grow. We are here to help you hire people not resumes. This saves your company valuable time and money. If you have a short project or a contract that is a year having temporary staff helps you to have work when you need it and the freedom to not have staff when you no longer need them. Perfect for Engineering Companies, Project Management, Marketing, and so many other industries. When we provide you staff to work with you, you can be sure that we have used our multi-tier on boarding process, confirmed references, optional background check, and online training before they start working with your company. We want to make sure the applicant is a good fit for your company, your industry, and that they have the personality and experience to maintain an appropriate level of customer service for you or your customers. It's about integrating the culture of what we expect into collaborative consumption (the future of the way we work). Ask about our app coming soon which provides access to our applicant database, startup networking, and entrepreneur networking platform.