4 Ways To Increase The Level Of Engagement In The Workplace

How can companies, universities, and organizations increase the
level of engagement at the workplace? Includes tangible strategies to apply to achieve greater levels of happiness and productivity and cultural norms that can be put into place.

4 Ways to increase the level of engagement at the workplace. 
1.) Create a leadership style that values each persons personal reward system. Based on the famous situational research studies by Stanley Milgram all humans have an innate need for acceptance. 
Each  person however has a different reward system in which they interpret that acceptance. By finding out if an employees reward system is public appreciation, private appreciation, respect, inclusion, raises, or time with others (to name a few ) you can engage employees. 
Doing a personal reward inventory on employees can tell an organization how they should reward employees so that they can as we say "ignite in them the willingness and most importantly the desire to do not just good , bu…

In Support Of Endometriosis Awareness Month: Why Having Endo Makes You An Xmen Type Superhero!

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Why Having Endometriosis Makes You An Xmen Type Superhero!
(In support of endo awareness month)

It's endometriosis awareness month and that means as we wrap up the month we want to leave you endo girls with a little motivation for why having endo isn't all bad.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having terrible pain that felt like an appendicitis at about 5 am one morning. I woke out of a dead sleep to pain like I had never felt. (many women with endo have said their endo hurts more than when they gave birth naturally) I was rushed to the hospital barley able to stand. That morning I got to get an MRI, ultra sounds, and every test you can imagine.

I was quickly told I would have surgery as there was a mass that could not be identified. I went through my endo laparoscopic surgery and was officially diagnosed. Now keep in mind before My pain attack, surgery, and official diagnoses I had numerous undiagnosed  medical pro…

4 of The Worst Ways to Motivate Employees

The worst ways to motivate employees/ Things that demotivate employees include:  1. Making employees feel insecure about their jobs by constantly referring to the fact that there are thousands of people out there who would want their position. Making an employee worry for their job will not produce their best results. Creativity and innovation are lost in the face of anxiety about having a job after their current project.  2. Creating a team of cut throat, competitive people who can not collaborate. By creating a team that takes highly competitive to a new level with each other you remove the aspect of collaboration that can lead your company to produce the next innovation that changes it all.  3. Not accepting input or highly punishing mistakes. By not listening to your teams input you miss out on ideas that could open up new doors for the entire company. By punishing mistakes instead of allowing them as part of the innovation process you miss out on innovations that companies such as …

How To Network This Holiday Season

Here are a few common questions answered on how to network this holiday season...  1. What's the most effective way to network during the holidays and demonstrate your knowledge?The best way to network is to try to have a few authentic connections that highlight the best attributes of  your personality. It is important to be authentic and talk about not just business but your personal interest, your passions, this let's people know that there is a person and a business professional. Make interactions human! You never know who you might share common interest with from the president of the company to the receptionist. This can lead to future meetings and even more connections.  2. What questions should you ask potential contacts when networking?  You should ask the story behind the company or the story behind how an employee got to where they are now. People want to tell their story and in order to make authentic connections you have to WANT to listen. You should listen for key…

5 Things You Can Learn About Connections From Hollywood’s Bromances!

Have you seen some of Hollywood’s most famous bromances? These actors have made professional connections that carry over into their private lives. There is a benefit to making connections that transcend beyond the professional.

So what can we learn from Hollywood’s most famous bromances?

1.)    Real authentic connections benefit both parties. Actors such as James Franco and Seth Rogen (This Is The End, Freaks and Geeks circa 1999 and Pineapple Express to name a few) or the bromance trio of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins (Supernatural) love their costars and they are not afraid to show it, this creates opportunities for them to continue working with each other. Be a friend to your professional network and don’t be afraid to show how much you love their business!

2.)    Friends take their friends with them on the road to success. Often these Hollywood bromancers will recommend each other for roles in their latest projects. This means when one of them books a role the ot…

4 Keys To Building Culture

4 Keys To Building Culture Challenge your employees. People need excitement. You have heard the old saying “Variety is the spice of life”. It is true of so many aspects of life. Many high quality employees leave the best companies stating that there is no room for growth. The growth these employees are speaking of may not be growth meaning a new position, It is often the room for them to grow in their current position. The opportunity to be challenged, to explore, and to innovate. The best companies give employees the freedom to create and grow the company. Create a sense of significance. Acknowledge accomplishments. Everyone wants to be acknowledged for the things they have accomplished that is why we have awards, certificates, and even the Olympics. From academics, to sports, to the best in your field people are being acknowledged. Take the time to do the same for your employees. Create connections. Everyone from Freud to Maslow agrees that relationships are the key to life. Create …


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