About Us: Our Story

A personal story about how Carte Blanche came to be... 

It all started with a desire to create a better work environment where employees are valued, love their jobs, and stay where they are appreciated not just tolerated. This was inspired by our founder’s passion and enthusiasm for standing out and being different as innovators.

Our co-founder’s attentiveness to human behavior and needs began at an early age while observing diverse cultures and interactions. They sought to study and understand what made the most successful people so successful. What they found was that they were all outliers, innovators, who would rather stand out and create legacies than to fit in and leave nothing behind. They knew they would dedicate their time to helping others to reach that same greatness by disrupting not only the traditional marketing formula but also the traditional humanitarian company. Our founders are using business as a force for good through social entrepreneurship.

Our founders have been in business for over 20 years and in marketing for over 10 years including working at Ogilvy, and have been studying company culture for over 5 years. As well as studying anthropology, sociology, psychology, and reading every book by every innovator that they could get their hands on, innovation has always been special to our founders. They have had amazing experiential learning phases that have taught them a lot about the work culture. While emerging startup consultants, our founders met inspiring industry peers using their passion and talents to help create a booming startup community. Our founders realized quickly that no one knew about the humanitarian drive behind these startups. These amazing individuals were often perceived as superficial while what they really wanted was to give back and innovate at the same time.

Because of our companies love for social stewardship our founders decided to shine a light on the giving back that is happening in our startup communities. We are a new generation of idealist who may have our heads in the clouds but so have so many great minds before us. Our founders wanted to pay homage to those industry leaders who were using their talents and businesses to advance social giving and motivate others to do the same.

Our founders hope to be a spring board for amazing leaders and an inspiration to those who want to combine business and humanitarian efforts. We have become an umbrella company for others who are disrupting traditional formulas while being humanitarians.

We are happy to have you become a part of that history. Welcome to legacy building.

We look forward to working with you soon and thanks for stopping by,

Carte Blanche