4 of The Worst Ways to Motivate Employees

The worst ways to motivate employees/ Things that demotivate employees include: 
1. Making employees feel insecure about their jobs by constantly referring to the fact that there are thousands of people out there who would want their position. Making an employee worry for their job will not produce their best results. Creativity and innovation are lost in the face of anxiety about having a job after their current project. 
2. Creating a team of cut throat, competitive people who can not collaborate. By creating a team that takes highly competitive to a new level with each other you remove the aspect of collaboration that can lead your company to produce the next innovation that changes it all. 
3. Not accepting input or highly punishing mistakes. By not listening to your teams input you miss out on ideas that could open up new doors for the entire company. By punishing mistakes instead of allowing them as part of the innovation process you miss out on innovations that companies such as Honda who embrace mistakes in the innovation process are benefiting from daily. Honda knows that with every mistake there might be an innovation right around the corner. 
4. Making false promises. Motivating your team with false promises is not a long term strategy and you want to be around for a long time as a company. You can motivate for a short project with a false promise but then all the trust and credibility will be lost for future projects. Keeping highly skilled employees in this landscape of innovation requires authenticity and if you are not authentic they can and will take their skills to another company. Maybe even your competitor.
By using these tips to motivate employees and avoiding the worst ways to motivate employees you can keep your employees motivate and engaged. 

Aleania Orczewska is our Director Of Business Development at Carte Blanche (www.carteblancheworldwide.com) with experience in Company Culture/ Organizational Culture Training. 
I she is a member of the Academy of Professional Networkers Group and a company culture expert at Carte Blanche. Our company provides culture training to Chief Experience Officers (CXO), Chief Culture Officers, staff and whole business teams. So we are experts on the subject of best and worst ways to motivate employees. We provide assessments, seminars, and trainings on ways to motivate employees. 

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