In Support Of Endometriosis Awareness Month: Why Having Endo Makes You An Xmen Type Superhero!

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Why Having Endometriosis Makes You An Xmen Type Superhero!
(In support of endo awareness month)

It's endometriosis awareness month and that means as we wrap up the month we want to leave you endo girls with a little motivation for why having endo isn't all bad.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having terrible pain that felt like an appendicitis at about 5 am one morning. I woke out of a dead sleep to pain like I had never felt. (many women with endo have said their endo hurts more than when they gave birth naturally) I was rushed to the hospital barley able to stand. That morning I got to get an MRI, ultra sounds, and every test you can imagine.

I was quickly told I would have surgery as there was a mass that could not be identified. I went through my endo laparoscopic surgery and was officially diagnosed. Now keep in mind before My pain attack, surgery, and official diagnoses I had numerous undiagnosed  medical problems.

I was severely fatigued, had joint pain, and upon testing had dangerously low white blood cell counts. With all of this my doctors could not figure out why I had these symptoms. So keep in mind being diagnosed was a little bit of a relief. It was an end to almost 7 years of undiagnosed symptoms that seemed to have no name.

Being diagnosed made me want to become a novice researcher of endo and what I found broken down into the simplest terms was kind of awesome. Now I am sure scientist and doctors will say that my theory is not exactly accurate but hey let us endo girls have a little hope and a lot of fun thinking of ourselves as super heroes.

Endo is in essence metaplasia. Metaplasia in Greek is a change in form. This means that when cells are faced with physiological or pathological stresses, they respond by adapting in any of several ways, one of which is metaplasia. Now in theory our endo cells are the same cells that change as you develop as a fetus. These cells can change or adapt into other cells. So what does that have to do with superheroes? Well our cells have the ability to change and they do now if that isn't the beginning of an Xmen comic book or movie. Our cells could potentially in theory morph into other cells, taking diseased cells and morphing into other cells. Our cells also resist apoptosis which "plays an important role in maintaining tissue homeostasis by striking a balance between proliferation and cell death. Endometrial cells have been described to show the peculiar biological characteristics of resistance to apoptosis with the inability to transmit apoptotic signal and the ability to resist cell death". These cells could be researched to cure disease by using the basis of these cells to turn diseased cells into healthy cells, that in my book makes me at least on my way to being Mystique from Xmen.

 Other research also suggest that "Endometrial MSCs (eMSCs) and menstrual blood stromal fibroblasts are also an attractive source of MSCs for regenerative medicine because of their relative ease of acquisition". This means that our endo could one day be used the same way that bone marrow is used. What does this mean in simple language? Having endo could actually help us to help save lives.

Now all of this is either theoretical, being researched, or in the probably far future. I however want to continue believing that I am an Xmen type superhero who happens to have evolved before the rest of the human race. So as we end March into yellow endometriosis awareness month, march on my fellow superhero endo girls!

Xmen is a registered trademark of Marvel in no way associated with our business.
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