How To Network This Holiday Season


Here are a few common questions answered on how to network this holiday season... 

1. What's the most effective way to network during the holidays and demonstrate your knowledge?

The best way to network is to try to have a few authentic connections that highlight the best attributes of  your personality. It is important to be authentic and talk about not just business but your personal interest, your passions, this let's people know that there is a person and a business professional. Make interactions human! You never know who you might share common interest with from the president of the company to the receptionist. This can lead to future meetings and even more connections. 

2. What questions should you ask potential contacts when networking? 

You should ask the story behind the company or the story behind how an employee got to where they are now. People want to tell their story and in order to make authentic connections you have to WANT to listen. You should listen for key personal information so you can ask follow up questions with authentic interest. 

3. What key facts about your company should you know when networking for your company? 

You should know your companies elevator pitch or it's mission and purpose. Two to four sentences about what your company does, why they do it, who they do it for, and why or how they do it better than the competition. You should also know who they can contact in the company and how to contact that person if they want to follow up. 

4. When is it appropriate to network and when is it not appropriate to network? 

If you are making authentic connections and there is no question of does this situation fit in with my companies brand identity, vision, mission, and morality then it's always appropriate to network. Times are changing and whether employees like it or not they are part of their companies brand and they can help grow that brand! Great companies train their employees to understand they are always representing the brand. 

If the situation conflicts with your companies brand identity for example of being a family company then it is not appropriate to network. Save it for a more appropriate venue. 

By networking all the time through authentic connections you can network and still have time for holiday fun! 

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