4 Keys To Building Culture

4 Keys To Building Culture
  1. Challenge your employees. People need excitement. You have heard the old saying “Variety is the spice of life”. It is true of so many aspects of life. Many high quality employees leave the best companies stating that there is no room for growth. The growth these employees are speaking of may not be growth meaning a new position, It is often the room for them to grow in their current position. The opportunity to be challenged, to explore, and to innovate. The best companies give employees the freedom to create and grow the company.
  2. Create a sense of significance. Acknowledge accomplishments. Everyone wants to be acknowledged for the things they have accomplished that is why we have awards, certificates, and even the Olympics. From academics, to sports, to the best in your field people are being acknowledged. Take the time to do the same for your employees.
  3. Create connections. Everyone from Freud to Maslow agrees that relationships are the key to life. Create an environment where employees can connect with like-minded people, have fun together, become a team, and connect. Have a company softball team, go on outings where employees can connect outside the office such as bowling, have trivia or game nights. Creating connections outside of work will bring a sense of importance to you and your employees, a sense of belonging, and a new found loyalty.
  4. Live your company vision, values, and beliefs every day. Creating a culture includes a code of conduct that should be followed. Place importance on communication, relationships, and the things that are important in an employee. Do not lose track of your core vision, values, and beliefs. Make sure that your employees do not lose track of these either. Talk about them, reteach them, and train new employees to recognize them.
Why hire someone to do culture training? Did you know that Google has a Chief Culture Officer? Even banks such as North Jersey Community Bank have established the position of Chief Culture Officer who has a hand in every aspect of the company to keep culture in mind throughout every day. Everything from customer service to human resources is culture. Culture affects 85% of business success with higher profits seen in the companies that emphasis and train for culture. Entrepreneur listed culture as one of the things that successful companies have in common. For a company that is not ready to hire a Chief Culture Officer full time hiring a trusted advisor can be the solution. The most successful businesses know that they can’t know everything. Advisors can challenge you, hold you accountable, ask important questions and connect you to other like-minded individuals.

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